“It Starts with woMEn.” Generation Equality Youth-led Advocacy Campaign on Gender Equality

In 1995, Heads of States gathered in Beijing to advance the goals of equality for all women and girls under the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action but 25 years later the progress falls short of what was committed. With persisting inequalities between women and men and systematic and structural barriers preventing women and girls from enjoying their human rights across social, economic, political and environmental realms. The COVID-19 pandemic has further disproportionately affected women and girls. With the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), young people – especially adolescent girls and young women – have a generational opportunity to become leaders to meaningfully inform and participate in collective action to achieve tangible results on gender equality, and HeR Liberty is poised to undertake such action.

HeR Liberty is running “It Starts with woMEn.” Advocacy Campaign supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from May to November 2021, the emphasis on ME is meant to ground gender equality and shifts in gender and cultural norms with the individual; individuals at different levels and in different government and private sectors must be held accountable to make the necessary change needed to advance gender equality in Malawi. The goal is to ensure the Malawian government commits to:

Mainstream gender-responsive systems into all development efforts under Key Government Ministries to address structural challenges.

HeR Liberty will also work in partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, UN Women Malawi, the White Ribbon Alliance’s “What Girls want to campaign,”, National Youth Council of Malawi, For Equality and Plan International.